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Teach your prospects that your SaaS is the solution they've been searching for.

SaaS Email Copywriter and SEO Content Writer

Boost your SaaS company's brand awareness and revenue with SEO-optimized articles and email campaigns that teach your readers and subscribers how your tech can change their lives.

You’ve launched your SaaS, but you’re not making sales. Why?

Because your prospects know what your SaaS does but don’t know why it matters.

I’ll help you educate your prospects and show them why they need your SaaS to solve their problems.

Guide Your Ideal Users from Search Engine to Sale

I'm a full-time email copywriter and SEO content writer for SaaS companies. I have a B.A. in advertising copywriting and years of experience writing articles and emails that help SaaS companies' educate their users and demonstrate why their software is the solution their prospects have been searching for.

I write SEO-optimized articles that help your SaaS website appear in search results, teach visitors why they need your software to solve their problems, and guide them from your blog to your mailing list.

Once subscribers join your mailing list, my educational email sequences introduce your brand to them, help you build trust with them, and guide them to your sales pages, so they become paying users, and you spend less on paid ads.

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Email copy and blog content that lead with value.

I help SaaS brands nurture their audiences, build their brand authority, and attract new users with email copy and articles that turn scrollers and searchers into learners and leads by teaching them how software can improve their lives.

My Writing Services

SEO Content Writing

Turn your blog into a knowledge hub that helps your visitors find answers to their questions and discover your SaaS while helping search engines rank your website so you can attract more potential customers.

    Email Copywriting

    Connect with your audience, show them what sets your SaaS apart, and close more sales with emails that nurture your subscribers and turn curious leads into informed and enthusiastic paying users, one message at a time.

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      My Process

      1. Discovery Call & Proposal

      Every project begins with a discovery call. This is an opportunity for me to learn more about your business and product. During the call, we'll discuss your current marketing strategies and creative, your content goals, and how my services can help you reach your goals.

      At the end of the call, we'll discuss your desired project timeline and next steps. I'll provide an overview of my client workflow and packages and explain my processes for helping businesses like yours create copy and content that converts.

      After a successful discovery call, I'll send you a proposal to review. The proposal will summarize what we discussed during our call and provide a price quote.

      2. Work Agreement & Deposit

      After the proposal is approved, I'll email you my client onboarding packet.

      The onboarding packet will include the following items for you to review:

      • work agreement that will act as our contract. This agreement will list the deliverables you will receive, outline our project timeline, and explain my editing and revision procedures and payment terms.
      • A deposit invoice for 50% of the cost of your project. Paying your deposit will book your project in my client calendar. Once I receive your deposit, you'll officially be a client, and we can begin working together!

      3. Project Kickoff

      Once you're officially a client, it's time to get to work! To kick off your project, I'll send you an onboarding questionnaire that includes creative brief worksheets and questions about your target audience and your company's style guidelines to help me deliver your copy and content.

      4. Drafting

      Once I have the briefs and guides I need, I'll draft your deliverables in Google Docs.

      5. First Review

      After I've drafted copy for each deliverable, I'll send you a folder of the drafts with permission to make suggestions on each document so you can review the copy and make any necessary changes. Once I've sent you the drafts, you'll have ten days to review the document and make any comments or suggestions in the document. 

      6. Editing

      Once I receive your revisions, I'll review your edits and make the requested changes within three business days.

      7. Additional Revisions

      After I've edited the documents, I'll send you the final copy for approval. You may request additional revisions for a fee of $75 an hour.

      8. Payment & Delivery

      Once you're satisfied with your copy, I'll send you an invoice for the remaining balance of your package. After the invoice is paid, I'll transfer ownership of the copy files to you in Google Docs.

      9. Offboarding & Testimonial

      After our project is officially completed, I'll send you an offboarding packet with a short questionnaire that will give you an opportunity to review my performance and provide a testimonial that I'll share on my website.

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      Are you ready to teach your readers and subscribers how your SaaS can help them solve their problems?

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