About Me

Hi, I'm Nadira. I'm a freelance copywriter and content writer from Philadelphia who helps SaaS and tech businesses market their products with social media posts, emails, and SEO-optimized articles. I've been a copywriter since 2016, and I've worked as a freelance writer since 2020.

Nadira Bostic smiling and sitting in a motorized wheelchair on a path surrounded by greenery.

Why Work With Me?

As a graduate of Temple University with a B.A. in advertising copywriting, I bring a unique blend of education and hands-on experience to my writing. My advertising roots mean I can write persuasive copy without the hard sell, convincing readers by emphasizing the genuine benefits of your product.

Every email, social media post, and article I write is optimized to address your audience’s pain points and educate them as they move through your sales funnel, making them eager to explore what you offer and converting them into informed and enthusiastic users.

I Can Help You Market Your Software Solution

You’ve discovered a problem that you can solve and developed your dream SaaS as a solution. After countless rounds of testing, tweaking, and retesting your product, it’s finally ready for release.

…And no one’s buying.

Why? Because people don’t look for solutions to problems they don’t think they have.

Your audience doesn’t know why they need your product.

They know what problem your product solves but don’t know how it affects their business.

How can you help your audience discover their problems and your SaaS solution? Through strategic content that educates them on the problems that may affect their businesses, positions your brand as their go-to solution, and communicates exactly how your product’s features can solve their problems.

Nadira Bostic sitting in a motorized wheelchair and smiling. She is facing the right.  There is a reddish-brown wall behind her and greenery around her.

Let's Work Together!

Ready to attract more qualified leads, increase conversions and sales, and retain more customers? Let's connect and start creating copy and content that shows your audience that your product is the solution they've been searching for.

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